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I haven't written a blog post in a bit, lets call it being unmotivated or simply lazy. In fact, life has been a bit up and down recently as I've been in transition for some time around living, housing, working... you know all the basic stuff. A friend sent me an article today around neuroscience and how a few simple things that one can do will dramatically change your perception or mood.  

I'm not going to take the thunder of the article and simply state the 4 steps it mentioned about feeling positive and accomplishing your goals. However, I will say that it left me feeling motivated and in deep reflection around my own coaching practice and how the simple things that I do with my clients really do make a difference. 

I'm not a neuroscientist (and really don't want to be), but I do follow and use many of the principles of NLP and Neuroleadership in my coaching practice. Using these techniques helps my clients move their unconscious thoughts into the conscious mind and either use it to their advantage or simply identify it to help change their perception of a situation.

From a coaching perspective, people (including myself) are programmed to perceive things a certain way. This can be from how one was raised, our language, culture, experiences, etc.... this is why two people can hear the same message but perceive it differently. Simply put, the brain is hard wired. If we can dive into the unconscious levels of our thinking (with an expert coach, of course), we can identify why we think or feel certain ways. Through this level of labelling, we can potentially change our hardwiring and do things that we once thought were either unreachable, impossible or just out of our level of thinking. I label this as creating new hardwiring (verse changing our brains existing hardwiring).

Our brains are connection machines and our existing hardwiring can really get in the way of creating new wiring (which is where insights and actions come from). Using some of the principles of NLP, a coach can really help you develop new levels of thinking and take you places that you might not have thought about on your own.

Ok, back to the article and my new level of motivation. This particular article indicated that making a decision (obviously reduces anxiety and stress), but can have a huge component on your mood and overall feeling of self. The basics were, there was an experiment conducted in which two rats were injected with cocaine and only one had to pull a lever. The rat who had to pull the lever released much more dopamine than the other rat. Ok, not sure what the cocaine had to do with the experiment, but it caught my attention. Essentially, making a decision and accomplishing something major really does make you feel much better verse when good things just randomly happen. 

Reading this article really helped me (finally) make the decision that I do want to continue to work on launching my first coaching & yoga holiday retreat. Interested, click here to sign up - its on Waiheke Island in New Zealand!  

To come to some sort of conclusion with this post, the power of having a coach can be life changing and can offer you the ability to create new levels of thinking that helps move you forward. To finally sum this blog post up, below are some good reasons as to why one should consider to hire a coach. 

  1. You might be thinking to much into the past and not realising the possibilities of being in the future with an uncorrupted mind
  2. Your confidence might have been injured and you want it back
  3. Improvement in mental and physical activities 
  4. New career or help in changing jobs 
  5. Procrastination in making decisions or completing work or life tasks 
  6. Overall feeling like you are stuck in a rut or a difficult situation
  7. Doing the same thing the same way and you need some sparks to help you see or do things differently or creatively 

For more info, always feel free to contact me at www.briandegregory.com 

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