Conscience Leadership

Commercially focused Leadership Training that Taps Into the Unconscious and Uses Neuroleadership

You will be surprised when you see how much will change and improvement at work when you embed the below BIG FIVE into yourself, team or organisation.

“The forgotten ingredient to change initiatives“

“The forgotten ingredient to change initiatives“

  • Are your change initiatives taking too long or your talent becoming

  • Are you noticing increased frustration levels at either what you do or the people around you that do it

  • Do you find yourself continuously repeating yourself or following up and not seeing the results you want


Embed these FIVE and you will increase decision making, focus and so much more!


Leadership today is demanding and challenging

Changing technology, easy access to so much information, people issues, shifting priorities, all compounded with the pressure of doing your actual job. It’s no wonder why we have burnout, heart disease, other illnesses and a whole range of other problems. 

Unfortunately, we don't fix the root issue

We attempt to fix these issues by adding more headcount, streamlining processes, software solutions, wellness programs and or work life balance initiatives. While these things are beneficial, they fail to address the bigger issue.

“Mindfulness training has been used by the military, sports teams, universities, and large corporates for years... they just called it something different” - so why not give it a try!