Grow Your Yoga Biz - Group Coaching Workshop - Commencing May 2016

Are you a new and or existing yoga teacher ready to tackle the world with your love and passion for yoga and making a difference in others? Are you ready to make a career out of yoga and turn it into a business that affords you the lifestyle you want, then this is the workshop for you. To understand a bit more around how my Yoga Teacher Coaching, click here and then continue to read the agenda below for this workshop. 

Program Includes  

  • 6 group coaching workshops (sessions are 90m - occurring twice a month) with no more then 8 people 
  • 1 personal coaching session focused around your individual goals
  • Workbook and just simply cool business tools to start using now
  • Goal setting - including my methods of holding you accountable to them :)
  • Opportunity to share ideas, challenges and best practices with others and make new networks and friends
  • Ability to look deep within your current business situation and determine how to unlock yourself
  • Assignments and in-between homework that will progress you forward in your business (business planning, marketing, social media, budgeting and more). 

Workshop Agenda Sessions and Topics:  

Session 1: My current reality, identifying where I'm currently at, what might be holding me back
Session 2: Identifying my vision and business future - taping into my unconscious mind
Session 3: Your 1:1 individual goal setting session with Brian
Session 4: Group Coaching and Group Goal Setting
Session 4: Business Planning & Financial Budgeting - working with new tools and thinking
Session 5: The biz of Marketing in the social world - working with new tools and thinking
Session 6: My 12m Journey - moving forward (45m session)
Session 7: Individual and group goal check (6 weeks post session 6, 45m session)

Feel free to contact me and ask any questions!