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Global Human Resources Executive and Senior Coach with over a decade of people experience across fast paced organizations. Highly skilled in driving organisational effectiveness balanced with commercial thinking. Strategically driven in developing innovative human resource solutions aligned to commercial needs.

Professional Experience
Self Employed, 3/2015 – Current
Strategic HR Consultant & Executive Coach
United States & New Zealand


  • Strategic HR consulting services that include capability development, leadership, change management, rewards, globalisation,  industrial relations and restructuring. Areas of expertise include, executive development and organisation skill improvement, strategic remuneration planning and benchmarking, employee relation.

  • Change management and organisation development

  • HR technology sourcing and implementation

  • Providing executive coaching services to a range of individual clients across the United States and New Zealand.

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Recent Projects

  • Cloud based HRMS implementation – Brand Developers

  • HR Roadmap and Executive Culture Assessment - Epoch Capital

  • Remuneration & performance management – Brand Developers

  • HR Restructure and Rebuild – Brand Developers


Vend HQ, 2/2014 – 12/2014
General Manager / Vice President, People and Culture
Auckland, NZ

Major Accomplishments

  • Scaled the Global People & Culture team from 3 to 10 people while creating a people ecosystem that drove and supported our quirky global culture.

  • Grew the organization from 80 to 200 people in12m across 6 global offices.

-       Developed a global remuneration strategy based on input/consultation with the Board and delivered a remuneration system that created a pay for high performance culture.

-       Launched an OKR (Objective Key Result) business strategy and technology platform to ensure everyone’s individual employee objectives were visible and linked upwards toward each of our organization objectives.

-       Developed a Health and Wellbeing program that complied with the new legislation coming across New Zealand, while ensuring it exceeded expectations in each of our global offices.


Core Responsibilities

-       Scaling the organization with nothing short of a-grade innovative people using the most current recruitment trends and software. Ensuring our culture was not sacrificed and all hiring decisions continued to be team based decisions.

-       Managing and leading the People and Culture team and strategy across our 6 global offices.

-       Driving continuous people strategies that created a people ecosystem based on modern / gen Y leadership principles and was aligned to our culture.


Pumpkin Patch, 2/2010 – November 2013

General Manager / Vice President, Global People and Performance Auckland, NZ


Major Accomplishments

-        Developed and led our cultural strategy by identifying and communicating core values and behaviors across our global markets. Designed tools to

communicate, measure and drive these value behaviors as well as increase

employee engagement.

-        Introduced a global HR scorecard that allowed HR and our management team to understand our people strengths and opportunities. This enabled us

to address the critical issues that were preventing long-term growth across

our sales channels.

-        Redeveloped our executive remuneration charter and policies to better align our remuneration strategy with overall business goals and our employee

value proposition. This reduced salary and benefit spend across the


-        Implemented an executive strategy system around short and long-term performance objectives through a balance scorecard and incentive system.

This allowed the executive team to develop growth strategies that were

aligned to our business plan and filtered down the organization.

-        Revamped our recruiting process and implemented a new recruitment team that was responsible for the sourcing and assessment of all applicants. This

resulted in savings of over 40% across our recruitment spend while

increasing the number of qualified candidates per vacant role.

-        Created a performance management and executive succession planning process across our management team. This indicated the need to develop­ leadership and accountability across our middle management team. A year long leadership development program (Patch University) was created to improve this opportunity.


Core Responsibilities

-        Managed the global HR team and people functions for the New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland and United States markets.  This

involved setting the global and individual country HR strategy on

remuneration, rewards, organization development, talent management, training and culture.

-        Supported and acted as an advisor and coach to the CEO and Executive team on all people issues such as leadership, culture, and development.

-        Continuously lead the review and development of all HR and remuneration policies, influencing the remuneration committee to become more engaged

with the global HR strategy. This ongoing review ensured that our remuneration policies linked to the business objectives and that all people

issues (equal opportunity, diversity, executive remuneration, employee relations, termination and health and safety) were managed appropriately

across all global markets.



-       Directly managed the international payroll team ensuring accurate pay and

tax processing. Lead continuous improvement strategies to ensure the team stayed focused on driving change and adding value (verse operating purely as an administrative function).

-        Review and updated our global rewards schemes to ensure our benefit programs and spend was aligned to our people strategy, ultimately creating high levels of performance.

Pumpkin Patch, 3/2008 - 02/2010

Director, Human Resources - Los Angeles, CA, USA


Major Accomplishments

-        Reduced management turnover by 20% by implementing stronger talent acquisition and assessment tools. Launched a behavior-based interview

training program and leadership assessment tools.

-        Conducted a skill gap analysis based on each positions core competencies to determine the training deficiencies and opportunities needed across our markets.

-        Developed self-module workbook training programs on harassment prevention, employee relations, conflict management, induction and


-        Decreased payroll dollars by implementing a time clock system for all waged employees by transferring information electronically to payroll. This decreased each manager’s workload and reduced salary expenses by 1.5% annually.

-        Created and developed a health and safety training program that focused on hazard prevention, safety policies and accident procedures.

-        Developed and created a succession management process that focused on talent assessment and drove stronger levels of development.


Core Responsibilities

-       Contributed to the strategic and operational development of the USA

business by leading the HR agenda in partnership with executive management in NZ and the USA.

-        Developed HR objectives and implemented effective people tools to monitor the culture and areas for development.

-        Established and managed the succession planning process (people forecasting) and procedures, contributed to the development of key talent,

and oversaw all recruiting activities.


-        Researched, analyzed and implemented on-going training resources and tools for new and existing employees.

-       Provided direction and leadership on all employee relation and performance

management issues.

-        Responsible for all Human Resource administration that included compensation (wage structure), payroll, benefits, performance reviews,

worker’s compensation policies, overall risk management, employee

relations issues and annual EEO compliance.

-        Managed and evaluated the Human Resource budget for the USA including salary increases to insure budget and sales control.


Coldwater Creek Inc, 6/2006 - 03/2008

Regional Human Resource Manager - East and West


Major Accomplishments

-        Increased internal promotions for salaried positions by 40% by focusing on strong development plans and effective training progressions.

-       Developed a new store succession plan process for new locations.

-        Partnered with the District Managers to create on-boarding calendars for all managers.

-       Developed and facilitated training material for District Managers that

strengthened their ability to develop their teams.


Core Responsibilities

-       Provided direct support to the Regional Manager from an overall HR

standpoint that included objective setting, compensation, performance reviews, employee relations, recruiting and succession planning.

-        Worked directly with the Regional Manager and District Managers in identifying and developing internal management candidates based on

succession planner.

-       Managed the facilitated all employee relations issues.

-        Certified and monitored the effectiveness of all management on-boarding training programs.

-        Managed the performance appraisal process and development planning for my regions.


Foot Locker Inc, 4/2004 - 6/2006

Manager, Home Office Employment


  Major Accomplishments

-        Decreased recruitment agency use by 60% by implementing innovative sourcing techniques.

-       Designed and managed the first corporate internship program.

-       Developed an HR report card to track recruitment, turnover and diversity.


Core Responsibilities

-       Sourcing and recruitment up to the Vice President level.

-        Managed individual development and succession planning to determine an appropriate plan of action for internal movement and skills needed to promote from within.

-       Managed the training and execution of the annual performance appraisal.

-        Managed all employee relations issues for my division and determined appropriate recommendations to be made to senior management.

-        Managed the recruitment for the college merchandise training program by attending campus career fairs and on-campus initiatives.


Associate Merchandise Company, 4/2002 - 6/2004

Associate Human Resource Representative


Major Accomplishments

-       Instituted a Worldwide HR Report Card for the 50 countries.

-       Created a database to house all employee data worldwide (HR system).

-       Designed the first international internship program in partnership with the

Global HR Managers.


Core Responsibilities

-        Recruited all sourcing and product development positions within our NYC Office.

-       Coordinated the college relations internship program that included on-site

events, interviews, placements and training.

-        Managed employee relation issues and the annual performance appraisal process in partnership with the HR Director.

-       Tracked, compiled and presented all domestic and international HR

data/metrics to the head of HR quarterly.

-       Coordinated and reconciled our 7 international pension programs.



Masters Degree, HR Management, Keller Graduate School of Management

Bachelors Degree, Business Management - HR concentration, Berkeley College

Results Coaching Credentials, International Coaching Federation approved program