Small to medium sized business owners usually cannot afford HR staff or don't see how it could add profitability to their longer team goals. This dilemma, to invest or not invest, is a hard and difficult one for most smaller businesses.

However, creating an HR strategy or adding the right HR services to your business will do one or two things (usually, both);

  • It will increase your overall sales and profitability by ensuring you have the right engagement, people skills, incentives or team dynamics to deliver your business and financial goals. 
  • It will reduce your existing spend by ensuring that all of your current people related costs are delivering the right outcomes and results.

And you don’t have to hire HR staff, or create your own HR strategy. There is another way.
You can use me to create an HR strategy and or provide you with the HR services that will help you deliver your short or long term goals. 

As a global HR Executive, I have worked across the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. I have managed teams in these countries and have a track record of launching capability improvement programs, culture change initiatives, and leadership programs.

Now, I’m available as a consultant for small to medium-sized businesses looking for cost-effective HR solutions. 

Here’s how I can help you maximise your current or future people capability: 

  • Consulting with or mentoring your existing HR staff to help them create a longer term strategic HR plan for your business
  • Creating, auditing and reviewing your existing HR systems, tools and or processes
  • HR technology assessments and implementations - HRIS, Payroll, Applicant Tracking, Performance Management, Communicaiton systems
  • Launching into new global markets, providing you with culture / HR practice briefs, employee relations, remuneration and reward overviews through to payroll considerations and options
  • Dealing with employee relations, disciplinary issues or developing exit strategies for low performers or disengaged staff
  • Culture, change management and engagement surveys 
  • Providing direction and help with the most recent Health & Safety regulations and processes 
  • Remunation strategy sessions/plans with CEO & Boards, remuneration assessments, or total reward planning
  • Providing training facilitation or training material creation

I am based in New Zealand, however technology means I can work globally, usually without added travel costs and fees. Work arrangements could include

  • Monthly or weekly visits to your site, or other sites within your organisation
  • Project based work (working remotely or partially on your site)
  • Skype, or telephone meetings

    For a no obligation assessment of your businesses HR needs, and a free consultation, contact me to discuss your concerns or questions. 

    I offer hourly, adhoc or retainer fee arrangements with the right level of flexibility to fit all organisation sizes and budgets.