Coaching Structure

  • Reality assessment
    In the beginning of our journey, we look at the results from your pre assessment work. These can be based on your professional life, work competencies, your job role or simply your personal life. Our coaching process begins from here!

  • Breaking through and identifying what's really important
    Your first few sessions will generally provide you with many insights into your life and some of these might become key achievements you have during the coaching session. However, sessions 1-3 are about breaking into your unconscious thinking to help you find new insights, what inspires you, values and potentially some root causes to your existing challenges.

  • Creating your plan
    Developing the courage to create a plan that will move you closer to your desired outcome is something we work through together. This happens around sessions 3-5 and becomes a road map for continued success.

  • Finding courage and gaining commitment to action
    As our coaching journey continues, we create a bit more space between our sessions. At this point, you still have a solid plan and you need time and space to work through it.. Although there is space between us, you will still receive messages and the occasional check in.

  • Accountability and change
    As our coaching journey comes to an end, we look at the changes that occurred and the successes you had. We also start to work through some key strategies that will help you break through your future barriers or the things that prevented change in the first place.