• 15+ executive and senior HR management
  • Experience managing teams and
    working across the USA, UK, EU., NZ and AU.
  • Qualified Executive Coach
  • Bachelors in Management
  • \Masters in Humanesources
  • YA 200 HR 

Growing up in New Jersey and starting my work life in New York City. I learned very quickly the reality of corporate life in American and how one must devote their life and in some cases well-being in order to progress career wise (so I thought).

My story is an increasingly common one – I was working a high-powered corporate job that was exciting and engaging. Devoting all of your energy and focus to one thing is enough to make anyone sick after extended periods. In truth, it did and was my path to what would be my later introduction to the big “D” word.

Corporate life required that I constantly think two to five years in advance and I felt like I was unable to be fully present and enjoy the current moment. I decided to take stock of my life and when I did, I realised I was not in the best of health, either physically or mentally. I was having trouble digesting food, continuously getting sick and mentally I didn’t have the space I needed to enjoy others aspects of my life. I missed the things I used to do, the people I use to socialise with and the exercise that kept me healthy. I missed my old self and was tired of being defined by what I did as there were so many other great qualities that I felt defined who I really was. Most importantly, who I wanted to be.

After returning to NZ from Hawaii, I choose to permanently leave my profession and spread myself across every aspect of my life that I love. That is why my current work life is made up of 3 unusual things that don’t normally go together. Exec coaching, HR Consultancy and Yoga teaching. My story continues, but every day I try to live a balanced and present life that is focused on servicing others.