Defined: Initiative - taking charge, the first of a series of actions, with motivation, intention and hope that it will continue.


  • 15+ executive and senior HR management
  • Experience leading teams across
    the USA, UK, EU., NZ and AU.
  • Qualified Executive Coach
  • Bachelors, Management
  • Masters, Human Resources
  • YA 200 HR 

Initiative explains the purpose behind Jersey Initiatives and the reasons behind what and why we do what we do.

It’s about your personal quest to look deeply inside and cultivate all of your gifts that you have that will help make a difference in others. It doesn’t matter what form it takes or even how random your actions might be.

My Story

Growing up in New Jersey and starting my work life in New York City, I learned very quickly the reality of corporate life in American. How one must devote their life and some cases well-being in order to progress or make a difference. My story is not that uncommon and in fact, it's becoming more of a common one.

I was working a high-powered corporate job that was exciting and engaging. Corporate life required that I constantly think two to five years in advance, which eventually led to my inability to be present and enjoy other aspects of life. Most importantly I was beginning to forget who I was and who I wanted to be.

When I took stock of my life, I realised I was not in good health, either physically or mentally. I was having trouble digesting food, continuously getting sick and mentally I didn’t have the space I needed to enjoy just about anything. Devoting all of my energy and focus in one direction was enough after many years to have a huge and negative impact me.  I was unhealthy, unwell – both physically and mentally. I was tired of being defined by what I did as there were so many other great qualities that I felt defined who I really was. 

My lifestyle and life choices all contributed to my first encounter the "big D" word and learning that I could live with this for the rest of my life was unacceptable. The only option I had was to change everything in life that led to my current state of programing. It was time to counter it all with just about every new experience I could. It was about diving deep into my unconscious mind and starting the reprogramming from the inside out. 

Journey Begins

Deciding to leave the corporate world was a hard decision and most people thought I was nuts and told me so (some still do).  To leave an awesome company and job to become a yoga teacher was not understandable by many in my life at the time. However, I was determined! So, off I went to Hawaii for 3 months to start my yoga teacher training journey. 

After returning to New Zealand from Hawaii, it was time to permanently leave the life I had to start challenging all of the hardstuff. That is why my current life is made up of 3 unusual things that don’t normally fit together. Executive coaching, strategic people consultancy, yoga teaching and mindfulness teaching.

Still a Beginner

Some of my hardest lessons about me and life were learned way after my return from Hawaii and I recognise that there is still much work to do. The realisation that the job or career I choose was actually never the cause or even remotely related to my issues. It was much bigger and deeper than that. 

I accept that my story and journey will continue, it will evolve and many ore lessons are to be learned.