Why Jersey Initiatives  



“It’s about making a difference in others. Helping others utilise their strengths and passion”

When you take initiative,

  • You take charge and create action.

  • It means you have courage and strength to see things through to the very end.

  • It's about taking the first of what will be many challenging steps to come.

  • Each step you take is with focus, intention and hope that it will continue to bring you closer to your purpose or goal.

  • 15+ executive and senior HR MGT

  • Experience managing teams and working
    across the USA, UK,EU, NZ & AU

  • Qualified Executive Coach

  • Masters in Human Resources

  • YA 200 HR


The Story:

Growing up in New Jersey and starting my work life in New York City, I learned very quickly the reality of corporate life in American. The story I tell is one that is becoming more and more common.  I was working a high-powered corporate job that was exciting and engaging. Corporate life required that I constantly think two to five years in advance, which eventually led to my inability to be present.

Journey Begins:

After much internal debate and struggle, the only option that seamed achievable was to change everything that I didn't know needed changing (my unconscious programming).

Deciding to leave the corporate world was a hard decision and most thought I was nuts (some still do) as I was leaving a really awesome company and job to attend yoga teacher training in Hawaii for 3 months. I felt both challenged and liberated after I returned to NZ three months later. To find comfort in what was uncomfortable took a lot of work. It meant that I had to challenge everything that I thought I knew and take things one step at a time.

Still a Beginner:

Some of the hardest lessons I've learned about life were after I returned from Hawaii. I recognise that there is still more to learn and work to do. I accept that my journey will continue, evolve and provide many more challenges and difficult times.