Brian has worked as an HR leader for companies in the USA and New Zealand. I met him just as he had decided that working in a GM HR wasn’t right for him and he wanted to find different ways of supporting HR people and executive leaders to make workplaces better places to be. Since then he has trained as a yoga instructor, become an executive coach and works as an HR consultant for HR teams wanting help with their strategy and delivery.
Brian has presented at the Payroll and HR Business Partner Conferences and has shared examples of how in every company he’s worked, HR has become essential and valued by senior managers. His passion for helping HR people be true leaders comes through. He’s also our only presenter who’s had a room full of Payroll people sitting cross legged on the floor practicing mindfulness!! Brian is inspiring in taking a different approach to HR and I think is one of the best”.                             - Angela Atkins, CEO elephant HR
As a senior HR professional I recognise the value of coaching to enhance performance and culture but have not always practised what I preach!  Brian’s approach has helped me to step out of my comfort zone, develop a plan for change and take positive action. For me, the coaching process has helped the fog lift and reenergise my thinking. My MD has even commented on the transformation he is seeing in me, I am getting excellent feedback on my performance as well as results from my actions. 
— Marion Etches Compass-Group
I first met Brian when I bought him in to consult on a three month REM project but soon expanded the scope of his work when I saw how much value he could add at both a HR strategic and operational level. He quickly demonstrated the ability to understand the business context, immerse himself and undertake analysis to gain insights then create options that provided actionable solutions. He quickly moved from HR consultant to trusted advisor.
— Simon Fraser CEO Brand Developers
Brian is a genuine, authentic and an inspiring coach who enables you to open up and recognise barriers that appear. Brian has a really easy and calm approach to empowering you to work to your highest potential. You feel very comfortable in Brian’s presence and you can often rely on him for invaluable perspective. His ability to be think differently is like no one else. If you are looking for a professional but also a personable coach who will encourage you to think through your challenges and help you maintain constant awareness of your developmental areas, then you need to work with Brian.
— Johanne McDonald, Fonterra Brands, Australia
Brian is an amazing coach who has really helped me focus on my strengths and helped me prioritise my objectives to achieve the best results. His ability to listen and relate has helped me figure out the career direction I would like to take and what goals I can set to make sure that I’m always working towards this. Working in a high growth environment means that there are continual elements that could deter me from an overall goal, but with Brian providing me with the resources I need to break certain activities down, I find that I no longer see these activities as distractions, rather as stepping stones to my overall career goals. He is positive, energetic, creative and supportive which makes him an absolute pleasure to work with and I truly do look forward to our sessions. It is the pulse check that I need to stay grounded and reignite the fire in my belly!
— Fallon Savery, VendHQ, Director of Sales, APAC